Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Continuing Education for Public Librarians in Wisconsin

Continuing Education, otherwise known as CE, is synonymous with lifelong learning.  All public library staff is encouraged to participate in continuing educational opportunities appropriate for their positions to provide the best customer service possible for library patrons.  

The requirements below, however, are stated for public library directors.  CE is required for library directors according to Wisconsin library law (WI Administrative Code, Subchapter II — Public Librarian Certification PI 6.03 Public Librarian Certification which says:

(5) Certification Renewal
Certificates under sub (3) may be renewed upon evidence which satisfies the division (DLT) that in the 5-year period prior to recertification the holder has participated in 100 contact hours, at least 10 hours of which must be technology related, of continuing education in librarianship which is either directly related to the position held or will permit advancement in the profession. (Labels will soon be added to BadgerLearn Pro indicating Tech Credit. http://badgerlearnpro.dpi.wi.gov/.) 

The public library system to which the library belongs shall assist in determination of requirements for continuing education and validate records submitted evidencing a renewal applicant’s participation in continuing education under this subsection.
Continuing educational events must have: 
Books and computers in the library Learning objectives
Activities used to meet objectives
Evaluation process to see that learning objectives were met
An instructor or learning consultant

Continuing education opportunities include both formal and informal learning situations and need not be limited to library subjects or the offerings of library education programs, but must be related to the present position or to career advancement in the library profession. Wisconsin Library Systems have been contributing their continuing educational events to a shared calendar. http://pld.dpi.wi.gov/pld_libce

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