Monday, December 1, 2014

Division for Libraries and Technology introduces Wisconsin Libraries Blog

(Reading Cat photo courtesy of Pixabay)
Welcome to the Wisconsin Libraries Blog! We are excited to introduce this new way of communicating with Wisconsin’s library community, featuring the same types of news and information familiar to readers of Channel Weekly but with the added dimension of photos and other visual content, making for a more dynamic experience for our readers. In addition, the Blog’s content will be tagged and searchable, providing readers with the ability to more easily access posts on topics of specific interest or need. Wisconsin libraries truly are for everyone and we look forward to sharing the latest news about libraries of all types around the state.
If you’re reading this inaugural post to the Wisconsin Libraries Blog, then more than likely you are already subscribed to the blog and know how to get here. But if you just stumbled on it by chance, look to the right side of the page and you will see a box where you can enter your email address to receive email notifications when new items are posted to the blog. If you prefer not to receive notifications by email, just bookmark this link,, and check in regularly to read about the newest features in BadgerLink, what’s going on with youth services in libraries, and how Wisconsin is growing readers everyday with the Growing Wisconsin Readers initiative. There will be news about broadband access in libraries and schools, updates on the ILEAD USA-Wisconsin program, and so much more.

With the introduction of the blog, the Division for Libraries and Technology will “sunset” the Channel Weekly e-newsletter which has been our primary tool for reporting library news since the Channel newsletter ceased in early 2011. If you are a Channel Weekly subscriber, you will continue to receive the newsletter for most of December. The final issue of Channel Weekly will be published on December 18, 2014. Channel Weekly archives will be accessible indefinitely on the DPI website: