Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Local Digital Content: The Yahara Music Project and The Rabble

Technology is increasingly making access to locally-created content easier, and public libraries are becoming the place where that content is created, collected, and shared. The Yahara Music Library is an example of libraries experimenting with new models for sharing local content with the community it serves.

Yahara Music Project 
Yahara Music Library website

The Yahara Music Library was a collaborative project between the Madison Public Library and Murfie Music, Inc. of Madison. The project is meant to share music created by local musicians. Anyone can access the site and see what music is available, however the user needs to be a South Central Library System cardholder can stream and/or download the music available, as well as information about each of the local artists. The technical elements of the Yahara Music Library is under an open source license and available on Github.

The Rabble website

The Rabble was formed "with a simple idea: libraries deserve software that reflects their values. That's why we work with libraries to design and build solutions, and it's why we openly release our source code." They released their site looking to help libraries connect with local musicians. Spinning off from Murfie Music, Inc., members of The Rabble "works with libraries to build software that reflects and responds to the values, needs, and goals of the library community."   Madison Public Library and the Edmonton Public Library are the first two libraries to work with Murfie/The Rabble on providing their communities access to local music; "Our partner libraries aren't just building their own music collections; they're making it possible for all libraries to share local content digitally." The Rabble states that after a year working with library partners that they will release the source code of MUSICat so any library can innovate under an open license.

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