Monday, December 15, 2014

We say goodbye to Channel Weekly...

Blogger image courtesy of Pixabay
This Thursday, December 18, will see the last edition of the Division for Libraries and Technology’s Channel Weekly e-newsletter arrive in your email in-box. Many of you have already subscribed to receive email notifications for our new way of communicating with the Wisconsin library community – the Wisconsin Libraries blog (Wisconsin Libraries for Everyone). This new blog features the same types of news and information you’ve become accustomed to seeing in Channel Weekly, but in a more dynamic, online capacity. With the Wisconsin Libraries blog, we can include visual content such as photographs, illustrations, charts, graphs, links to videos, and so much more, something we could not easily do with Channel Weekly. In addition, content will be tagged and searchable, allowing readers easier access to posts on topics of need or interest – again, something not easy to do within Channel Weekly’s e-newsletter format.
The Division for Libraries and Technology (the Division) has, through the years, used a variety of ways to disseminate information to the Wisconsin library community. For many years, news and information was shared by way of printed publications, starting in 1905 with the Wisconsin Free Library Commission’s Wisconsin Library Bulletin, which brought in-depth articles of interest to the library community until it ceased publication in 1984. In the early 1960s, the then-named Division for Library Services started a monthly printed newsletter, Channel DLS (DLS for Division for Library Services), which became simply Channel in 1995 when “Community Learning” was added to the Division’s name.
Image courtesy of Pixabay
The Division was an early leader in the U.S. in its use of the web for posting information about its services and activities. In January 1999, a weekly electronic newsletter, E-Channel, was introduced as a companion publication to the printed newsletter, Channel, to take advantage of the opportunities for fast and efficient delivery of information via the Internet. E-Channel, later Channel Weekly, has been published weekly since that time. The weekly e-newsletter was designed to provide brief overviews and highlights of information and announcements in a more timely way than was possible with a printed newsletter. With the introduction of E-Channel, the frequency of the Channel newsletter was reduced to six times a year (every other month); starting in 2008 it became a quarterly publication, and in 2009 it became a web-only publication. The last edition of Channel newsletter was posted to the web in early 2011.

The Division is striving to keep the Wisconsin library community informed about significant state library developments through its various communications tools. We welcome and appreciate your feedback on our efforts by emailing us via the contact form provided on the right side of this page.