Friday, January 16, 2015

New WISCAT Organizes Search Results by Format

WISCAT's transition to a new search and interlibrary loan system by Auto-Graphics, Inc. last year makes it easier for users to find a title in all formats available in library collections.

Search results are clustered into format categories below the cover art in the Gallery view. A user simply clicks on the format of interest such as Large Print to see those results.

When a library user initiates a search, the WISCAT system examines the bibliographic records as they return from library catalogs and looks for exact matches of title and author, regardless of format. If a match is found, the record is immediately added to a cluster for that title/author. A moment later, when the search is complete, all related formats are displayed under the cover art. uses a similar, clustered display to effectively offer customers information on all formats of a title in one place.

Adapted from posts by Ted Koppel in Auto-Graphics Library pAGE Blog by:
Vickie Long, Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning