Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Share Alouds from Wisconsin School Libraries

It's all about the story. The ways to share them can be endless as demonstrated by Kathy Schrock's digital storytelling list. But it's not the format that makes a story powerful. The value comes from sharing that story. The Association of Middle Level Education  article by Carolyn Bunting explains the value of the energy and connections generated through sharing our stories. We learn, reinvent our teaching, and connect with each other through our stories.

Shared by CESA 11
Photo courtesy of CESA 11
Too often time for sharing our stories gets lost in the daily blizzard of activities but they are much too  important to just leave out in the cold. We need to share them with our professional learning communities and those who may not be aware of the amazing learning that is happening in so many school libraries. As you know, it's not about the number of words or how a thick a book is, it's about the story. Please consider sharing your stories with others. I've created a very short form to make it easy for you share your story with others.

You've already done the read alouds, now it's time for the share alouds. Thank you for considering sharing your stories. Your individual and collective wisdom is invaluable!

Written by:
Nancy Anderson, Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning