Thursday, February 26, 2015

Special Services to Children (and Adults)

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With the blizzard of webinar options available through the 2015 Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference in January, it's possible that you may have missed the gem that was "Creating Welcoming and Accessible Libraries for Children with Special Needs." The recording of this webinar, plus the slides, are worth checking out. Renee Grassi of the Glen Ellyn Public Library in Illinois shares ideas and information that can be applied to every Wisconsin public library. While the title of Ms. Grassi's presentation suggests a youth services audience, much of her content applies to an all-ages audience. If you're ever wondering how your library can meet the needs of people with disabilities in your community, be sure to check out the archive of this event on the 2015 Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference webpage.

Creating Welcoming and Accessible Libraries for Children with Special Needs (recording) (slides)
Renee Grassi
Renee Grassi
Renee Grassi, Youth Department Director, Glen Ellyn Public Library

Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Whether large or small, rural or urban, all library communities serve children with special needs. Developing an awareness and sensitivity to children with special needs is crucial to providing top-notch inclusive service to families in our communities. Participants will learn how to perform a community needs assessment in their library communities, forge new partnerships with outside organizations, and be inspired by new and innovative programming ideas. This program will also provide positive strategies for disability etiquette, as well as present different approaches to reevaluating existing youth programs for an inclusive audience.

Written by:
Tessa Michaelson Schmidt, Public Library Development Team