Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Top 10 BadgerLink Resources for Milwaukee Public Library

Guest Blogger: Catherine Markwiese, Milwaukee Public Library

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Milwaukee Public Library
As the largest public library in the state of Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Public Library attracts patrons from all over the state, in person, on the phone, by mail, and via electronic communication. No matter how they contact the library, with BadgerLink, we always have a statewide resource we can use to help them.

The Milwaukee County Federated Library System, of which Milwaukee Public Library is a member, is one of the top BadgerLink referrers for 2014. Why is that?

Here’s a Top Ten List of Milwaukee Public Library’s most popular BadgerLink resources for 2014:
10. LearningExpress Library Popular Software Skills Center Reentering the job market requires up-to-date software skills and this product can help give job seekers the confidence they need. 
9. Newspaper Source Plus Searching for authoritative information on a current topic? Use this index to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other publications from around the globe.

8. Business Source Premier From academic journals to specialty industry and trade publications, this database pulls it all together and the back file is exceptionally deep. 
7. LearningExpress Library We often see usage peak in the spring and fall, as students prepare for the ACT® and SAT® tests, but the GED® preparation and career practice resources draw many users, too. 
6. Academic Search Premier This database quickly helps our public library patrons access scholarly publications, a bonus since we aren't a subscriber to JSTOR. 
5. BadgerLink All Resources The perfect page to make the public aware of everything that Wisconsin provides to its citizens. 
4. Auto Repair Reference Center This is easier to use at home than photocopied pages from a library reference manual. If the problem is misdiagnosed the first time, go back to your smartphone or tablet and try again. 
3. HeritageQuest Online Patrons love to start their detailed census research from the convenience of their homes, and don’t miss the bad old days of scrutinizing worn out National Archives microfilm rolls. 
2. Access NewspaperARCHIVE Genealogists and history buffs can’t get enough of the great newspaper content this source includes. And the geographical coverage is outstanding.
And the number one most used BadgerLink resource at the Milwaukee Public Library is… 
1. EBSCO All Resources List The main menu is a popular starting place for staff and patrons who want to search across several EBSCO products at once.
Without the access BadgerLink provides to these basic, yet diverse products, we couldn't afford the more specialized databases a large urban library also needs. The State of Wisconsin, through BadgerLink, serves citizens of all ages and helps create a more informed and forward-looking population.

Written by:
Catherine Markwiese, Milwaukee Public Library