Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring BadgerLink Training

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Thursdays 3:30-3:50 p.m.
April 2 to May 14

Mark your calendar! BadgerLink has online training scheduled for April and May.

April 2 | EBSCO Explora
EBSCO is releasing a new interface that will replace Student Research Center, Searchasaurus, and Kids Search. Learn about all the search features in Explora.

April 9 | History Reference Center
Connect with the past! Learn how to find information on history from magazines, newspapers, images, video, and book content.

April 16 | HeritageQuest Online
Discover the interesting history of you! Learn how to find census records, family histories, and other genealogy materials in the new and improved HQO.

April 23 | Business Source Premier
Stay competitive in the marketplace. Learn how to find market research reports, industry reports, country reports, company profiles, SWOT analyses, & full-text articles

April 30 | Access NewspaperARCHIVE
Explore your roots. Learn how to find full-text PDFs of local and national historic newspapers in Access NewspaperARCHIVE.

May 7 | Newspaper Resources
Save time when you are searching for newspaper articles. Learn about about the newspaper resources available in BadgerLink.

May 14 | Copyright
Each BadgerLink resource is licensed for use by Wisconsin residents but still has copyright restrictions. Learn about the different ways you can use each of the BadgerLink resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a librarian or a teacher. Does that matter? Can I participate?
Yes you can participate. BadgerLink training is available to all Wisconsin residents!

What do I need to participate?
You will need reliably fast internet connection, speakers or headphones, and a recent version of Java. To find out if you have the correct version of Java, open the following web page: If Java is needed, you may download it from here:

Do I need to register in advance?
No, you do not need to register.

What conferencing software does this webinar series use?
This training uses Blackboard Collaborate. To find out if you have the correct version of Java, open the following web page:

Should I log into a session early?
Yes, since each session is short, please log into the webinar 5-10 minutes early. If you have little experience with webinars, give yourself some extra time and log in a few minutes earlier.

When I try to log in, I am asked for a password. What’s the password?
There is no password. You can only log in 45 minutes before the session starts. When you are prompted for a password, it indicates that you have attempted to log in more than 45 minutes before the session. Wait and then try again. If you continue to have issues, please contact Kara Ripley at

I can’t make that time. Will the sessions be recorded?
Yes, we will record these sessions and make them available from the BadgerLink webpage. Go to for the archived sessions.

Who do I contact with my questions BadgerLink training?
For any questions, please contact Kara Ripley at

Who can help me to get access to BadgerLink?
We can help. Contact Us!

Where can I get announcements about BadgerLink?
You can join the BadgerLink email list at or read the Badger Bulletin Additionally, BadgerLink is on Facebook and on Twitter.

Written by:
Kara Ripley, Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning