Friday, April 24, 2015

What do Chapters 43 and PI 6 Say About Annual Reports?

While we wait for the last board-approved annual reports to arrive at DPI, it seems worth taking the time to review the requirements for the reports. All of the state's public libraries and library systems are established using laws from Chapter 43 of the Wisconsin Statutes, which specifies duties and re­spon­si­bil­ities of the libraries, systems, and the Division for Libraries and Technology. The specific references to annual reports in Chapter 43 and Wis. Admin. Code PI 6 are provided below.

43.05 General duties of the division. The division shall:
(4) Collect library statistics and conduct studies and surveys of library needs throughout the state and report and publish the findings. The research shall be coordinated with statewide library planning.

2016 Due Date
  • Public library annual report
  • Statement Concerning Public Library System Effectiveness
  • Library system annual report

Signed annual reports for FY2015 and statements of sys­tem effectiveness are due to DPI by Monday, February 29, 2016.

Public Library Annual Reports

43.58 (6) (a) Within 60 days after the con­clu­sion of the fiscal year of the mu­nic­i­pality or county in which the public library is located, the library board shall make a report to the division and to its governing body. [more]

(b) The report to the division shall include data concerning library materials, fa­cil­i­ties, personnel, operations and such other information as the division requests.

43.58 (7) (d) The treasurer or financial secretary shall make an annual report to the library board showing in detail the amount, investment, income and dis­bursements from the trust funds in his or her charge. Such report shall also be appended to the annual report of the library board under s. 43.58 (6).

Statement Concerning Public Library System Effectiveness

43.58 (6) (c) The report to the division shall contain a statement by the library board indicating whether the public library system in which the library par­tic­i­pated during the year of the report did or did not provide effective leader­ship and adequately meet the needs of the library and an explanation of why the library board believes so. The division shall design the form of the state­ment so that it may be removed from the report and forwarded to the division before it is sent to the public library system.

43.05 General duties of the division. The division shall:
(14) (b) Conduct a review of a public library system if at least 30% of the li­brar­ies in participating municipalities that include at least 30% of the pop­u­lation of all participating municipalities state in the report under s. 43.58 (6) (c) that the public library system did not adequately meet the needs of the library. [more]

Public Library System Annual Reports

43.17 (5) ANNUAL REPORT. Annually, at the time required by the division, each public library system shall report to the division on its operations, ex­pend­i­tures and territory served during the preceding year, shall submit a plan describing the program for library service to be carried out in the sub­se­quent year and shall furnish such other information as the division requires.

PI 6.06 Requirements for public library systems.
(4)(c) File an annual report on a form prescribed by the division, describing its operations and reporting on its income, expenditures, and programs.

State Aid to Public Library Systems

43.24 (3) Annually, the division shall review the reports and proposed service plans submitted by the public library systems under s. 43.17 (5) for conformity with this chapter and such rules and standards as are applicable. Upon approval, the division shall certify to the department of administration an estimated amount to which each system is entitled under this section. [more]

Written by Jamie McCanless, Public Library Development Team