Thursday, April 9, 2015

Where Learning Never Ends

Your school library where learning never ends
AASL School Library Month 2015
On the 30th anniversary of School Library Month the original theme returns because it's still true. School libraries continue to be where learning never ends. Please celebrate and share what's happening in your school library program. AASL (American Association of School Librarians) wants you to share the awesome things you do too.  Don't be shy. Some of your fellow teacher librarians let us capture their stories on video at the WEMTA (Wisconsin Educational Media & Technology Association) conference in spite of their reservations about going on camera. They were great! Showing and telling your stories is the best way to let people know why school libraries are needed now more than ever.

AASL is holding weekly webinars as part of School Library month too. The first one is all about the AASL best websites for teaching and learning. If you haven't asked people to sign the Declaration for the Right to School Libraries this month is a great time to do that. Are you doing something to celebrate in your libraries? If you are please share it on the School libraries PLC (Professional Learning Communities) and the WEMTA PLC.

And don't forget there is also a Digital Storytelling Festival! Just this short list of ways to celebrate school libraries shows that they aren't the same places they were in the past. It's a learning space not just a place. Please celebrate and share the learning opportunities you create for learners of all ages!

Written by:
Nancy Anderson, Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning