Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Are you book clubbing?

It isn’t news that book clubs are hot, but it might be news that your local public library is very involved in those book clubs. Many school and public libraries purchase multiple copies of a title and circulate them as a book club kit. Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning (RL&LL) maintains a list of these kits that can be borrowed through interlibrary loan.  Book Club Kits
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The WISCAT resource sharing system also plays a part. WISCAT has a unique multi-copy function, enabling library staff to fill out one request form and create many requests with different lender lists. This makes requesting multiple copies a snap.

Manitowoc Book Club - Manitowoc Public Library
Manitowoc Public Library Book Club
In many communities, the public library also provides space for book clubs to meet and a facilitator to lead the discussion.

Laura Steiner at the Manitowoc Public Library (MPL) shared the photo and explained:
February’s group was very small, but for March’s discussion of “Stress Fracture,” we had to move to a larger room, which was a wonderful “problem” to have!

We learned that “Stress Fracture,” by Tara Meissner, will be discussed at the Sturgeon Bay branch of the Door County Library in May. Tara works here at MPL. The topic is something we are sensitive to and Laura Kavacan at Sturgeon Bay contacted us. She asked for questions and background materials, so we shared those things with her. We also gave her some insight as to how the discussion went and how participants became very personally involved. What a wonderful example of moving beyond ILL and crossing system borders to work with our neighbors to the north.
Public libraries also provide materials for community book clubs, such as the one at Felician Village in Manitowoc. Through interlibrary loan they are able to obtain copies in different formats, such as large print or audio books as well as traditional print. According to Kim Loose, the volunteer coordinator, the group was thrilled to a share a photo and “excited to promote reading and using the library system.”  Thank you, ladies!
Felician Village Book Club - Manitowoc
The Gardens at Felician Village Book Club
Written by:
Christine Barth, Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning