Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Learning Made Simple

Image of logos for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Email
Logos for Facebook, Twitter,
Google +, Pinterest, Email
There is no doubt that the web contains an overwhelming number of websites, many of which are not very useful. For some of our library users, however, even the mundane or frequently used sites can seem daunting to learn or to incorporate into their daily routines. I am referring to sites that have become as common for many persons as making a phone call. Here are a few websites intended either for the baby boomer generation OR those who need a tad more assistance in the form of a tutorial to get started. 

Tech Boomers is a site "... to promote quality of life through technology for the 50+ crowd."  Links to sites on this page are grouped under seven (7) broad categories determined by manor of use and include helpful tutorials to bring people up to speed on each one. Social (for social media) includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Skype, LinkedIn, and even Match and Harmony, among others.  The Entertainment section features Netflix, IMDB, Overdrive as well as others in the works. Whether you are a shopper or not, links in this category will help you find some of the better deals on the web.

Educational (LEARN) websites include WebMd for consumer health information; Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, and Google search meant to help find more than you ever wanted to know on the web. Goodreads is a link to sites for book lovers. It will help a person locate more books like ones you've already enjoyed or just recommend what writers for that website consider a "Goodread."
Icon for website StumbleUpon
StumbleUpon claims to guide you to new websites that you might like, or groups of people who can suggest content to check out.

Sites to "make life easier" include a couple of Google sites for finance and maps, Yelp for finding places to dine or stay while in an unfamiliar place, and Dropbox for online storage.  I am not linking directly to the individual sites because the tutorials about these sites may be worth a look. The 50+ section has not developed beyond a couple of links and Internet 101 focuses tutorials on the most basic Internet information. 

50+ New Technology Articles From GCFLearnFree! is a newly created link to technology articles about many items that public library users want to know.  This GCFLearn is a website funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and is a production of the Public Library Association (a branch of the American Library Association).  Several articles review software or steer people to websites that explain installing and uninstalling applications on Windows and MAC devices. Library staff may want to review a few of these articles in case someone asks:  How to set up a wi-fi network, How to stream Internet video to your TV, about Video streaming services, Buying a computer, or Online banking 101.

If improving your tech skills is a goal of yours, visit "Tech Savvy Tips and Tricks" to learn about: Taking Screenshots, Finding Your Downloads,Creating Your Own Screencasts, Editing and Merging PDFs, Password Tips, Backing Up Your Files,  Sharing Photos Privately, and much more.

Written by:
Terrie Howe, Public Library Development Team