Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Creativity of Customer Service, Makerspaces & Tech Training

The Colorado State Library has a wonderful site called Library Creation and Learning Centers. It has short videos that library staff can follow to learn about many topics. You may have learned about customer service in a library course but would like to brush up on your skills or would like your staff to provide improved service to patrons. There are four different modules for the customer service course. The text is accompanied by persons "acting out" the different topics of customer service which include:

1. Privacy, Confidentiality, and Intellectual Freedom
2. Approachability and Attitude
3. Communication Skills
4. Dealing with Conflict

Additionally there are modules for Online Tech Training for Staff where staff gain the skills and knowledge to assist customers. All of the modules contain learning objectives and involve role play, a type of learning that is fun to watch.

1. Use a Technology Reference Interview
2. Proficiency with Technology
3. Find Answers
4. Tech Training Tips
5. Dealing with Sticky Situations
6. Evaluating Information
7. How Adults Learn                                        
8. Design a Class

There are menus of Makerspace topics that cover everything from beginning a makerspace in your library to digital software, 3D Printers, creative programming ideas, and funding.

Follow the technology menu and you will see links to staff tech training curriculum and tech training for the public, complete with lesson plans, outlines, handouts and activities.

This website is funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and implemented by the Colorado State Library.

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Written by:
Terrie Howe, Public Library Development Team