Friday, August 14, 2015

Customize WISCAT -- Add Your Library Website

Put your library's website front and center on the Home page in your WISCAT. 

     Library users will:

  • view events and helpful information on the library's website
  • scroll down the page or go to the other sections of the website
  • access their local library card user account 

East Troy Lions Public Library website displays beneath WISCAT banner
Library website displays just below WISCAT banner

It's easy with the page customization tools in the UX Admin (User Experience) menu accessible to library staff logged into WISCAT. See how to create a library website widget in the 6-minute video provided by Auto-Graphics, Inc. Two slight differences from the video instructions are:
  1. UX Admin tab is located next to the Home icon when in the staff side of your WISCAT.
  2. To allow your library website to display on the Home page, you'll need to remove the check mark in the box next to Home page on the Page Manager list as shown in the image below.

Image showing check mark in box next to Home page on the Page Manager list
Clear check box for Home Page in Page Manager 
After watching the brief video, it only took a few minutes to create the example using East Troy Lions Public Library's website address in our Demo Library.

Questions?  Contact WISCAT staff at or 888-542-5543 ext 1, then press 1.

Written by:
Vickie Long, Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning