Friday, September 11, 2015

Great job sites for people with disabilities

Last month I shared recent news on the market for job seekers with disabilities. As a follow-up, here are some job sites highlighting positions of special interest to job seekers with disabilities. Many offer extras like online job fairs and webinars focusing on aspects of the job-search process.

Employees with a range of disabilities - courtesy U.S. Dept of Labor
Workers with a range of disabilities - courtesy U.S. Department of Labor

Getting Hired - Getting  Hired was founded in 2008 with the sole purpose of helping people with disabilities find employment.  The site includes job postings, resume building resources, a career assessment tool, and a community blog.

The Disabilities Job Exchange includes job postings, articles that address issues of relevance to the process of job searching as a person with a disability and links to laws and executive orders that impact the community.

The National Telecommuting Industry Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, devoted to identifying and developing work-at-home jobs for home-based Americans who are physically disabled.

Disabled Person is a job site started in 2002 specifically to meet the employment needs of people with disabilities.  The site includes more than 40,000 active jobs from across the country.

Joelle Browner, director of the Colorado Division of Vocational  Rehabilitation
Joelle Browner, director of the Colorado Division of Vocational
 Rehabilitation, Courtesy, Denver Business Journal

Think Beyond the Label is a public-private partnership that delivers information, outreach, and resources to businesses, job seekers, and the public workforce system to ensure greater recruiting and hiring opportunities for job candidates with disabilities. The site offers online  job fairs, success stories, and resources to jog the thinking of job seekers and companies eager to hire talented members of the community who have disabilities.
Employment Resources Inc supports people with disabilities in achieving employment goals, receiving benefits counseling, accessing healthcare, and connecting to financial information and resources. ERI also offers training and technical assistance to professionals, community partners, and the public regarding disability and employment issues.

Our Ability, was founded by congenital amputee, John Robinson. The organization's mission is to serve as a bridge between employment and the individual with a disability and its goal is to mentor people in a way most meaningful in today’s world.

Employee with a disablity - courtesy
Employee with a wheelchair
Hire Disability Solutions was founded in 2004 with a mission to to give all that want a chance to succeed the opportunity to succeed. Hire Disability Solutions was founded in response to the increasing demand for services for individuals with disabilities. Additionally, we aim to promote inclusion into the mainstream employment world.  Hire Disability Solutions has established itself as a national leader in protecting and enhancing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

One More Way is a free, million member strong community created by the Sierra Foundation to serve job seekers, vocational rehabilitation professionals, and businesses. The collaborative brings together all parties involved in the area of employment and disability. Job seekers who complete the free registration process can watch recorded webinars offered by experts in business and the human resource communities. One More Way works with small and large businesses and large private and government hiring managers.  

Written by
Martha Farley Berninger, Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning