Thursday, September 24, 2015

Library Director Learner's Guide

Continuing Education consultants from several states have developed a wonderful resource for the benefit of new and experienced library directors across the country, since the role of the library director is continuously evolving. It is called the Public Library Director 101 Series ( and it introduces the many and unique components of public library directorship. It consists of four brief video recordings with a broad overview of the following topics:
Image of Library Books
Image of Library Books 

1. Your New Role addresses ethics, values, and leadership traits and their importance for public library director (

2. Community Relations topic introduces librarians to marketing, public relations, and outreach from the public library director perspective. (

3. Planning and Project Management articulates fundamental steps in the strategic planning process, the benefits of strategic planning, and tools for successful project management.   (

4. Asset Management discusses the benefits, skills, and qualities of libraries and how to manage these assets including staff, buildings, collections, and budget. (

Library Director Learner's Guide101 ( reflects the topics that all directors encounter in their continuously evolving position in the communities. It was developed to assist the learning of the video series (described above) by prompting reflection and recording notes on the essential questions posed during the brief webinar clips. Each chapter contains  related resources and a new library director's must read list. There is a glossary to reference for essential terms that may or may not be familiar to directors.

These complimentary resources were made possible through the support of the Chief Officers of Library Agencies' (COSLA) CE Connector Project, the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Written by:
Terrie Howe, Public Library Development Team