Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Two More Ways To Customize WISCAT

Add text, a banner, logo, or other image to the header or footer area

Lakeshore Technical College Library brands its WISCAT with the college logo and the library name in the header. 
Header and Footer areas pointed to on image of Lakeshore Tech College Library WISCAT home page
Lakeshore Technical College Library logo and name in the header area of WISCAT

  • How: view UX Admin Header Footer Options (07:09)
  • Tips: 
    • When creating a header and a footer, do both then Save. Because, if you create and save header first then create and save footer, only the footer will display. 
    • Select the Library Defined branding option when wanting to add an image and enter text such as the library name into the header.   

Add link page to existing, external web page such as library's own website to display as a separate tab.  Lets you enable or disable display of the link page tab based on the search interface user type (guest, patron, or staff member).

Child Care Information Center (CCIC) created a web link "tab" to the web page where its newsletters are accessible to all users. 

Image shows display of CCIC Newsletters web page when use link page tab created in WISCAT
CCIC Newsletters web link page tab in WISCAT makes access to its newsletters easy for users

UX Admin (User Experience) customization tools are accessible to library staff logged into WISCAT.
Questions? Contact WISCAT staff at DPIrllILL@dpi.wi.gov or 888-542-5543 ext 1, then press 1.

Written by:
Vickie Long, Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning