Thursday, September 10, 2015

What Does a School Librarian Do?

What do teacher librarians, library media specialists, school librarians do? We have many names and wear many different hats so the question about what we do still comes up frequently. It's a new school year so let's all make sure we use every opportunity we have to share what school library professionals and the programs they develop really look like. There are more opportunities and resources available now to help get the word out.

The newly released AASL Toolkit was created by members and includes many great resources and ideas. Check it out! If you have a variation on one of the ideas or an original one of your own please share it on the WI DPI School Libraries PLC and the WEMTA PLC. There's room for ideas of all shapes and sizes, even those you think seem small. The more examples shared the more others will understand how they can utilize the expertise and resources of their teacher librarian to improve student and professional learning.

Teams working on Inquiry Projects
Inquiry Institute Teams
Words, visuals, and personal connections all make a difference. YouTube videos can provide a window into what's going on in your library spaces. Whatcha Readin' Westwood shared by Jennifer Zurawski in West DePere connects the elementary school with a Little Free Library challenge. Nicole Andresen's Innovator Adventures Blog post shows one way library spaces are changing to meet student needs. Even one photo can show what teacher librarians do when they come together with teachers to work on developing Guided Inquiry projects.

The list of ways you help others understand what a teacher librarian does is endless. Taking just one opportunity to show, share, or tell your story can make a big difference. Please take advantage of any opportunities to share what you do to support and expand learning opportunities in your schools.

Written by:
Nancy Anderson, Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning