Monday, September 28, 2015

Wisconsin Digital Archives Collection Connection : Wisconsin County Unemployment Rate Maps

It was reported in June 2015 by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development that Madison and Dane County had the lowest unemployment rates in the state at 3.5%. During the same month, 27 out of 32 of the state's largest cities experienced an increase in unemployment rates. The contrast reflected in Wisconsin's unemployment rates from county to county is important because it is a key way to measure the state of the economy based on location.

The Wisconsin Digital Archives can help you stay on top of fluctuating unemployment rates in Wisconsin.  Unemployment rate maps are released by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development on a monthly basis. These maps include unemployment rates for all Wisconsin counties starting in January 2010 to the current month.

The Wisconsin Digital Archives also includes other documents related to the economy that may be of interest as well.

Written by:
Mary Hutnik and Abby Swanton, Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning

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