Friday, October 9, 2015

Check Out Read On Wisconsin Booktrailers

Read On Wisconsin (ROW) is another reason we are lucky to have the Cooperative Children's Book Center (CCBC) here in Wisconsin. Read On Wisconsin is a literacy project administered by the CCBC. It provides connections and opportunities for children and teens to think about and discuss the books they are reading with each other. Each month books for five different age groups of readers are highlighted. The books can be used for discussions, read alouds, and other activities that encourage students to be readers.
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The book trailer project has already been very successful. Emily Townsend and the CCBC librarians want to make it even better by finding partners interested in working with them on book trailer projects to support literacy efforts across the state. They are looking for middle school librarians, educators, and youth services librarians who:
  • use and create book trailers with their students/patrons and would like to share their process and observations or
  • would like to start a book trailer program at their school(s) and would be willing to work with ROW to implement and adapt their book trailer program models. 
Why create book trailers? Here are a few reasons expressed by teachers and librarians:
  • Book trailers are a great way for students to analyze and synthesize what they have read and then make new meaning  of those texts through sounds, images, and technology.
  • Book trailers allow students to share their enthusiasm for a book with other students in their schools as well as the larger community, making reading personal, social and communal.

Need examples? Check these out:
If this sounds interesting to you, other educators or librarians, or if you have questions, please contact Emily Townsend at

Written by:
Nancy Anderson, Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning