Friday, October 2, 2015

Get the Most out of BadgerLink : Provide Easy Access From Your Website

BadgerLink is an invaluable resource for students at all levels of education, as well as lifelong learners. One easy way for librarians and educators to spread the word about BadgerLink is to make sure you’re providing descriptive information on your institution’s website.

Below are two tips for ensuring that your patrons can get the most out of BadgerLink, based on how BadgerLink and its resources are represented on your organization’s website.

Link to individual resources, with credit to BadgerLink
Providing a description of BadgerLink along with a link to the BadgerLink website on your library website gives patrons background on the service, and gives them a chance to further explore BadgerLink on their own. In some cases, though, it may work best for your patrons or organization to link directly to a resource. For example, an elementary school library site could make resources more accessible to students by linking to specific elementary school resources right on the school's site, instead of linking to the main BadgerLink website. Contact the BadgerLink team to request a list of authenticated links to use on your website. When linking directly to a resource, make sure to note that the resource is provided by BadgerLink!

Describe the resources
Some resources have very descriptive names, like American Doctoral Dissertations, 1933-1955, or Auto Repair Reference Center. That said, many resource names alone don’t give patrons a clear idea of what’s contained inside. Feel free to use descriptions of resources from (as shown below) on your own website.

BadgerLink Screenshot
Screenshot from

Linking to individual resources in BadgerLink and providing a description of those resources on your organization's website helps to give patrons a better idea of the resources, and how they can be of use to them.  Get in touch with the BadgerLink team or visit our Get The Word Out page for more ideas on how to help your patrons get the most out of BadgerLink!

Written by:
Gail Murray, Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning