Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Need Library Administration Help? Ask the Community!

Wisconsin's Public Library Administration & Data Community is Ready for Occupancy!

The Public Library Development Team invites library directors, department heads, regional system consultants, public officials, and library trustees to join our new Public Library Administration & Data Community on Google+. The community, moderated by Public Library Development Team members John DeBacher (Director) and Jamie McCanless (Data and Finance Coordinator), will focus on the many issues and concerns related to operating and governing a public library in Wisconsin. This community will be in addition to its partner community, Public Library Services & Programs.  Think of the latter as the "outward facing" community, focusing on the public side of work in public libraries, whereas the Administration & Data Community relates more to the "behind the scenes" work of organizing and operating a legal public library. 
WI Department of Public Instruction Google+ Library Admin & Data Community
The Public Library Administration
& Data Community will feature
questions and discussions on issues
related to public library operations,
data, performance measures, as well
as laws, legislation, and governance.
These communities will replace the older technology of the WisPubLib email list, which has operated for over fifteen years. The Google+ Community structure will allow you to post questions, articles, ideas, or best practices in the following broad topic areas:
  • Building Issues
  • Boards & Trustees
  • Data, Reports, Statistics
  • Budget, Finance & Funding
  • Law--Library & Related
  • Municipal & Government Relations
  • Personnel
  • Planning, Performance Measures
As a community member you can then elect to view and follow all the activity on a particular post, mute the post (to prevent any further email notifications), or even get a link to the particular post and its threaded discussion. 
To receive email notifications of new topics posted to the Community, be sure "Notifications" are on (see illustration of community logo). Then, if you do not wish to receive emails on posts, click the "v" symbol that appears in the a post when you mouse over it and select "mute post." In the mobile app version, select the post, touch the options symbol (three stacked dots), and select "mute." 

 Here are the other Google+ Communities that WI DPI Library Services is joining to better serve Wisconsin librarians:
  • WI DPI Library Classifieds, where you can post jobs or your interest in employment, as well as library items to sell, buy, or give away
  • WI Public Library Services & Programs, opened earlier this month to discuss the services and collections public libraries offer
  • WI DPI Resource Sharing Community provides a forum for library staff in all types of Wisconsin libraries to discuss interlibrary loan (ILL) and related topics
  • WI DPI School Libraries PLC offers a forum for school librarians, media specialists, and library aids to discuss common issues and interests

All you need to join the Public Library Administration & Data Community is a valid email address that you have linked to a Google account (you don't need to have a Gmail address or use other Google services). If you don’t have a Google Account linked to your existing email address, you can link it here: https://accounts.google.com/SignUp

For more information on setting up the account, click here for step-by-step instructions to set up your account. Tips and Tricks for using Google+ are available in this document.

I encourage and welcome library directors, administrative staff, and others concerned about issues and topics related to the operation of public libraries in Wisconsin to join the new Administration & Data community here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/101799654424158211066. Then create a post and let us know who you are and what interests you!

Written by:
John DeBacher, Public Library Development Team