Thursday, November 12, 2015

Emerging Partnerships

Emerging Roles of Library Media Specialists workshop learders
Workshop leaders
The current issue of Knowledge Quest (Journal of the American Association of School Librarians) focuses on school library and university partnerships. This feature article in the November/December 2015 edition was written by Wisconsin's own Eileen Schroeder, associate professor in Educational Foundations at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater and coordinator of the UWSSLEC (University of Wisconsin System School Library Education Consortium) program and Stacy Fisher, library media director at Waunakee Community High School and secretary of the board of WEMTA (Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association). Please note that the link above is a permalink for BadgerLink so you may be prompted to log in.

This article highlights the Emerging Roles of Library Media Specialists workshops held in the summer of 2014. A description of what those workshops looked like was in an earlier WI Libraries for Everyone Blog post. We are excited that this project is being shared in a national professional journal feature article that focuses on partnerships and collaboration.  Eileen and Stacy documented what can happen when needs are identified and practitioners take leadership roles to address those needs. In this case it started with the need to build a better understanding of the work library media specialists do and how their role has evolved. The workshop project was a concrete example of how to address one issues that was identified. There is a well documented need for more certified library media specialists in Wisconsin. The Emerging Roles of Library Media Specialists (ERL) workshops were developed as part of a partnership between the UWSSLEC, DPI, WEMTA, CESA's and leaders from the field. This article describes how the workshops came about and what the teacher librarian leaders created to both inform and generate interest in the profession. I encourage you to read the article to learn more about it!

Written by:
Nancy Anderson, Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning