Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What are you learning this month?

BadgerLearn Pro connects you to free, continuing education resources at badgerlearnpro.dpi.wi.gov. Here's a few archived webinars we've added to our collection this month.

NaNoWriMo: Programming for All Ages

From Indianhead Federated Library System
Samantha Johnson, Augusta Public Library and a Municipal Liaison for National Novel Writing Month, shares ideas about easy, low-cost programs that libraries can provide to encourage the writers in their communities.

Copywriting for the Web: Today's Best Practices

From TechSoup for Libraries
Your website is a key part of your organization's outreach/marketing effort and needs to speak to your readers their way. This free webinar will offer you plenty of tips and techniques to make sure your content is web reader-friendly, while it stresses your community impact.

Is It Copyrighted? Can I Use It?

From Nebraska Library Commission
Copyright! Complicated, confusing, and not clear-cut. What does a librarian need to know? Michael Sauers and Laura Johnson, from the Nebraska Library Commission, will present scenarios to discuss, as we all shine a light on the subject and try to figure out what a librarian needs to do.

Making an Artful Ask

From Nicolet Federated Library System
Marcy Heim talks about making an ask during the Wisconsin Trustee Training Week.

From Librarian to Proficient Manager: Uncovering the Transitional Journey

From WebJunction
Many librarians find themselves challenged to make the transition into proficient managers, often without clear guidance. Discover what the research has revealed and what it means for others interested in the transitional journey to proficient manager.

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