Thursday, February 4, 2016

Get involved in the Public Library System Redesign process!

Guest post by Project Manager, WiLS

WiLS, Expanding Possibilities through Collaboration
WiLS, as project managers for the Public Library System Redesign (PLSR) process, is recruiting volunteers to join the service workgroups. If you are interested in serving on a workgroup, please fill out an application form by Friday, February 12. We also encourage you to share this call for PLSR service workgroup members with others you think would be good candidates. You may also suggest a person via the application form.  

The service workgroups will:
  • Evaluate information about existing models for the service in-state and out-of-state.
  • Assist with creating recommendations for new models of service. 
  • Assist with developing and evaluating pilot projects.  
The nine workgroups are: 
  • Continuing education  
  • Chapter 43
  • Consulting
  • Delivery
  • Electronic Resources
  • ILL
  • ILS/Discovery
  • Resource libraries
  • Technology
Each workgroup will be composed of service area experts, users, and other stakeholders from both within and outside the Wisconsin library community. Workgroup members will be expected to make a 2-3 year commitment to the process, with work expected to start in May of this year. Each workgroup will have a different schedule for completing their work, with some workgroups expected to continue throughout the entire 2-3 year process and others expected to be done with their work sooner. The time needed to fulfill these roles will vary by workgroup. 

The pool of candidates will be reviewed and discussed by project workgroup leadership teams at their meeting on March 10 to determine the best composition for each workgroup. Based on the input from the workgroup teams (workgroup lead, facilitator, DPI liaison, PLSR Steering Committee liaison, and project manager), the workgroup lead, facilitator, and project manager will determine final selections for each workgroup by March 21.  

You can send any questions you have about being a workgroup member to

Thank you!

Written by:
Project Manager, WiLS