Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Recently added to BadgerLearn Pro: Resources for Library Building Projects

Most librarians and directors don't come into the profession with any experience in construction and building projects, though many will be involved in library redesigns, expansions, or new builds at some point in their career.

Construction site
Image courtesy of Pixabay

BadgerLearn Pro has recently added to the Building/Facilities collection to provide librarians with suggestions and tips on library building design, from consultants, experts, and librarians who have overseen building construction or renovation projects in their own libraries.

See some highlights below, and visit BadgerLearn Pro's Building/Facilities resources for the full list of Building/Facilities webinars and resources.

Whether you are planning a new building or renovating an old one, you will need to develop a detailed space plan that takes into account the actual space needs to meet your library's mission and service plan. Library space planning expert, Linda Demmers of Libris Design has put together a guide to some of the best resources and tools for library space planning as well an an introduction to the lingo.

Join Nathan Rall, Director of Planning and Construction at the Georgia Public Library Service, in a conversation with David Moore and Joe Alcock, both of McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture, for a webinar on how to begin the process of building a library. From finding funding to seeking community input to selecting an architect, there are many different aspects to consider; this session will guide you through the initial steps of starting the library design process and provide an overview of how to get started.

Join the Director of Planning and Construction at the Georgia Public Library Service, in a conversation with Channing Mason and Ryce Elliott of Benning Construction Company for a webinar focusing on what you should (and shouldn’t do) during the library construction process. From basing decisions on your long-range plan and life cycle cost analyses to training your maintenance staff on new equipment, this webinar will guide you through the many complicated steps of constructing a new library and share with you a few tips on how to avoid costly mistakes.

Written by:
Gail  Murray, Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning