Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Countdown to the Job Seeker's Portal

Job seekers in Wisconsin will soon have access to a great new Job Seeker's portal.
Librarians across the state are working together to fine-tune recommendations on the content and design of the portal. We want to make it super easy for all Wisconsin residents and libraries to connect to information and resources that will support successful job searches.

Working together - Courtesy Pixabay
Working Together - Courtesy Pixabay
In late 2015 and early 2016, libraries were asked to share their ideas about portal contents, information on training offered by the library, the degree to which they work with Wisconsin Job Centers, and whether or not they were interested in participating in the portal development process.  More than 60 librarians responded. They generously shared links to relevant materials posted on local library websites. More than 150 resources were listed.

Now we're working together to review those links.  We're making decisions about which should be included, identifying resources we still need to locate and discussing website design. The recommended links will connect community residents to local, regional, and national job postings; Wisconsin Job Centers; online tools for writing resumes and cover letters; training on how to set up an email address and use essential computer software; statistical information on the cost of living and home mortgage rates in various parts of Wisconsin and the country and more.

The second feedback call was held yesterday, Monday, April 25.  We'd LOVE your feedback - see the list of content recommendations here: Resources for Job Seekers.  Please add comments or questions about specific resources on the "Job Seeker's Resources" page, if you have general comments or questions or recommendations about the website design and functionality, please add those to the "Parking lot" page.

If you would like to participate in an upcoming call please email me at martha.berninger@dpi.wi.gov. I will be scheduling as many additional calls as needed to connect folks eager to provide feedback on the portal.

Happy Builder - Courtesy Pixabay
Happy Builder - Courtesy Pixabay
The development of the portal is in support of, but not a formal part of Wisconsin's implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. We know that some Wisconsin library leaders are connecting with the 11 Workforce Development Boards filing plans as part of Wisconsin's implementation. A smooth and easy method of allowing public libraries to receive funding to support job search and work skill building has not been clearly identified in the plans as currently filed. But we know that as the plans are put into effect, members of communities across Wisconsin will be turning to their trusted public library partners for help, and the Job Seeker's Portal should be a useful aid in that process.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and questions.

Written by:
Martha Farley Berninger
Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning