Tuesday, April 5, 2016

WISCAT Upgrade Brings New Features

The recent upgrade to SHAREit 5.0 added new features and functionality to WISCAT.

Something for everyone:

  • Increased user responsiveness 
  • Better use of space on each page
  • Modal windows scale to fit device (e.g. tablet, smartphone)
  • Bookjacket art in search results gives access to view record or ILL request form
Bookjacket turns opaque to reveal action options for user
Cursor over bookjacket for options available to user

New for staff users:

Staff Dashboard displays full administrative menus for easy access by staff.    
Staff Dashboard includes Quick Menu, ILL Admin and other admin functions

Quick Menu can also be accessed in header (blue stripe)

Quick Menu enables staff to set frequently used admin functions for faster access on the Quick Menu and as keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+). Any option in the Staff Dashboard may be selected for the Quick Menu. 

Web Link Options allow library staff to post one or more web links in a links menu for public users or only visible to their patron and/or staff users when logged into WISCAT  The menu link will appear immediately below the blue stripe on WISCAT screens or in the Resources section with the library catalogs.   

Setting a link to OverDrive to display when user selects More Resources
Staff creates web link for guest (public) and patron view
Using link opens a new window to show the library's page about OverDrive
Web link displays below blue stripe in library's WISCAT 

Even more features!

Please see the Complete list of new features included in the SHAREit 5.0 version WISCAT upgrade in March.

Written by:
Vickie Long, Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning team