Thursday, May 26, 2016

Did you know?

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Guest Post written by:  Nell Fleming

The library at the Wisconsin School for the Deaf is not only here for the K-12 students we serve throughout the school year but is open to all who have a need or interest in materials related to deaf services, assessments, community, culture, sign language and other topics. We are located in the southeast corner of the state and we welcome visitors by appointment, but there is no need to visit us to obtain the materials you require. Our materials are available through interlibrary loan. Library staff working at each public and school library around the state are available to assist you with an interlibrary loan to obtain the materials you need. Loans are free of charge and available for loan periods ranging from 3-12 weeks.

Who can borrow from our library?                                    
WSD Library
WSD Library

The materials in the WESP-DHH Educational Resource library are intended for use by Wisconsin residents who are deaf, hard of hearing, or deaf-blind, their families, students, and professionals. In reality, anyone living in the state of Wisconsin can borrow materials from our library. You do not need to qualify the above statement or prove your intent. If you have an interest, we are here to serve.

What can be borrowed?

Books, DVDs, Kits, Games, Puzzles, Professional Journals, Assessments, Yearbooks, and some Reference materials. We do have some archival items which are in the catalog but do not leave campus. When in doubt, contact us and we will assist you. Examples include:
  • beginning sign language practice
  • interpreter training and EIPA testing
  • story kits for parents learning to read to their children in ASL
  • history text and archives for researchers
  • deaf culture materials for instruction or self interest
  • Deaf comedians and ASL films for recreational use
  • ASL linguistics texts for the advanced ASL student
  • baby sign language instructional materials
  • youth sign language materials
  • Speech and language assessments
How do I find it?                                                                             
Student in library signing "I love you"

Visit our website at and browse our catalog.

Or contact the librarian, Nell Fleming, at or 262-825-7998 v/tty or 262394-1216 VP.

Guest Post written by:  Nell Fleming, Librarian