Thursday, May 5, 2016

WISCAT Quick Menu and Staff Dashboard

The latest WISCAT upgrade introduced the Staff Dashboard and Quick Menu.  These new features allow library staff greater customization options to integrate WISCAT software into their own workflow

Staff Dashboard puts all the staff menus such as interlibrary loan and user administration on one screen, open for ready access.  Previously, each menu was available in a separate tab.

Quick Menu enables staff to set frequently used admin functions for faster access in the Quick Menu and use keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+).   Any option on the Staff Dashboard may be selected for the Quick Menu. The Quick Menu is accessible on the Staff Dashboard and in the header stripe across the top of WISCAT screens.

Customize Your Staff Quick Menu:

  1. Log into your library's staff WISCAT or with your individual staff user account.
  2. Quick Menu shown in Staff Dashboard and open in header stripe
  3. Open your staff account, located to the far right in the header stripe.
  4. In that menu, select Your Quick Menu.
  5. Use the trash can icon or Clear all existing options no longer wanted in the new Quick Menu.Your Quick Menu open to allow change to staff admin options
  6. Open the Select a Menu dropdown list to pick each admin menu containing the option(s) to be added to Your Quick Menu.Select a Menu list open for choosing administrative menu
  7. Select the Add associated with each option you want to be included in the new Quick Menu.Add+ displays next to option when selecting to add it to the Quick Menu
  8. When  done adding all the admin options desired, select Save.   
New Customized Quick Menu

  • Each option in the new Quick Menu is automatically assigned a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+ #).  
  • Staff Menu Dashboard is always accessible using Ctrl+B.

Questions?  Please contact WISCAT staff

Written by:
Vickie Long, Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning team