Friday, July 22, 2016

Job Seeker Website Update

With input from the field, staff at Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning are developing a "job seeker" website for libraries. The purpose of this site is to share vetted, free, online resources for job seekers. We are happy to report that this resource for libraries, librarians, and library users is currently under construction! 

Image of what the layout of the Job Seeker website may look like. It has the DPI header and top navigation with a left navigation bar that allows you to browse our collection of job seeking resources.
Mock-up of the
Job Seeker Website
The site will be a part of the Department of Public Instruction website with a DPI URL.The layout and look of the website will be similar to the WISELearn website: We've put together a mock-up of what the site may look like.

A screenshot of a generic library website with Job Seeker resources embedded on the page
Mock-up of a generic library website
with embedded Job Seeker resources
When the site is launched, you will have the option to link to the page on the DPI website or copy and paste JavaScript to embed the resources on your website. We will also provide a Google spreadsheet of the resources on the website.

In April, we hosted a few online meetings to get feedback on what we had already put together. Based on that feedback, we put together a Google spreadsheet of resources. Here is a draft of the resources and categories that will be on the website.

We want to know what you think. Provide your feedback in our survey.
Let us know!
In addition to needing an official name for this project, we'd also like some additional feedback. Take this short survey to let us know what you think. Please complete the survey by August 1st. We plan for the website to be available by the end of August.

Written by:
Martha Berninger and Kara Ripley, Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning