Thursday, August 11, 2016

LSTA 2017 - Technology Categories

It is LSTA grant time again! The 2017 LSTA Information & Guidelines and application form were recently released. The primary purposes of the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) in Wisconsin are:
  • Utilization of technology to improve library services
  • Convenient access and quality library services for all residents
  • Support the equalization of access to information and lifelong learning resources
Group of patrons in front of 3D printer inside the New London Public Library
Crowd in front of 3D printer at New London Public Library
In the 2017 LSTA Information and Guidelines the Need to Know section breaks down important information pertinent to all applicants, covering allowable and unallowable costs, DUNS numbers, CIPA information, and more. The Category Requirements list the general requirements that affects every category. 

The following grant categories are available under Technology:
  • Content Creation (eligible applicants: libraries and systems) - Previously titled Digital Creation, the purpose of this category is to help libraries get equipment and supplies that will allow unique production of local information in a collaborative learning environment by the community. Libraries can provide its communities help to create content for everyone to enjoy. Examples of previous projects include the following:
    • Mobile Makerspace Lab
    • Digital Media Conversion Lab
    • Creation Station
  • Digitization of Library Historical Material (eligible applicants: libraries and systems) - The purpose of this category is to increase the online access to historical materials found in Wisconsin libraries, with a focus on quality, accessibility, interoperability, and sustainability. Wisconsin libraries often have the historical stories of its community, and these projects help share those stories. Examples of previous projects include the following:
    • Historical Place and Name Index Digital Imaging
    • Digitization of Historic Newspapers
    • Memory Project
  • Library System Technology (eligible applicant: systems) - The purpose of this category is help support regional library systems' technology projects. Examples of previous projects include the following:
    • ILS Discovery Layer
    • Mobile Makerspace for all libraries in the system to use
    • Mobile digitization kits for all libraries in the system to use
  • Outcome Measurement Support (eligible applicant: systems) - This is the first year this category is offered. The purpose of this category is two-fold: Help libraries in systems to step away from manual and time consuming count of services and visits, and to plan, understand, and utilize data on a local level through training and tools. Examples of potential projects include the following:
    • Door counters
    • Workshop on outcome measurement
    • Session on data collection at a conference
    • Data survey software
More information about all categories can be found in the 2017 LSTA Information & Guidelines

Each year Wisconsin libraries and systems produce fantastic projects that benefit the communities throughout the state. We look forward to seeing what will be produced in the coming year. If you have any questions about the LSTA Technology grant categories, please contact Ryan Claringbole by email or call (608) 266-9534. Deadline for applications is Friday, October 14th at 4:30 p.m. 

Written by:
Ryan Claringbole, Public Library Development Team