Monday, August 22, 2016

New & Improved BadgerLink Lesson Plans

One of the most common feedback BadgerLink staff get from educators is that it takes too much prep time to begin using BadgerLink in the classroom. In response, the BadgerLink team created lesson plans that allow educators to easily incorporate BadgerLink into their curriculum. The lesson plans cite national and state standards for a variety of subject areas and use ideas and concepts that teachers already teach.

Presented in a Google Docs format, you can now access 6 BadgerLink Lesson Plans from the BadgerLink website.

UPDATED Lesson Plans

Back in 2014, the BadgerLink team presented 4 lesson plans at the WEMTA conference. In this new release, we decided to nix a lesson plan that was no longer relevant and update the existing plans.

Analyze and Respond to Novels

In this lesson plan, students will use BadgerLink to analyze and respond to a novel.

Supporting Materials:

Scavenger Hunt

In this lesson plan, students will use BadgerLink to complete a the BadgerLink Scavenger Hunt.

Supporting Materials:

Wikipedia Vs. Encyclopedia

In this lesson plan plan, students compare Wikipedia to Britannica School (available through BadgerLink).

Supporting Materials:

NEW Lesson Plans

We wanted educators to know that BadgerLink seamlessly can be incorporated into every subject, not just the English Language Arts classroom.

Persuasive Letter

In this lesson plan, students gather information about a controversial topic, develop a stance on the topic, and then write a persuasive communication (letter, email, etc).

Supporting Materials:

Practice ACT Tests

In this lesson plan, students will use practice tests and ebooks to learn content and test taking skills for the ACT test by using LearningExpress Library College Preparation Center, available through BadgerLink.

Supporting Materials:

Time Travel Tribune

In this lesson plan, students are contributing columnists to the Time Travel Tribune.

Supporting Materials:


All of our supplemental materials (lesson plans, research guide, Google Slides) were created because an educator suggested it. Please let us know how we can help you!

Do you have a lesson plan that incorporates BadgerLink? Do you have an idea for using BadgerLink in the classroom? Share your successes with us!

Written by:
Kara Ripley, Resources for Libraries and Lifeong Learning