Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Framework of DLT Funding: A Big Picture

Every year, public libraries and library systems submit applications, plans, and reports to the Public Library Development Team (PLDT). Each item has a due date set by state statute, federal grant requirement, or PLDT itself. In all cases, the material and due dates are integral to the process of administering the two primary funding sources managed by PLDT; i.e., state aid to public library systems and the federal LSTA Grants to States program.

We acknowledge that seeing the big picture of funding processes can be difficult despite poring over Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 43, Wisconsin Administration Rules Chapter PI 6, and the federal "Omni Circular." So, in the interest of transparency and community, PLDT has compiled a funding framework of existing due dates and supporting checkpoints to accomplish the following:

  • Ensure the availability of state and/or federal funds managed by the Division of Libraries and Technology (DLT)
  • Promote the efficiency of internal DLT processes
  • Support productive relationships between libraries, systems, and DLT

Organized as a calendar list, the framework includes stakeholder requirements, corresponding descriptions, and PLDT communications. The framework webpage contains the entire list. The PDF version of the framework also has the entire list and includes two breakout calendars:

While this is not new information, we hope that the big picture layout fosters clearer communication and stronger relationships. Over the next year, PLDT will redouble efforts to ensure that the maximum amount of available funding under its stewardship reaches the library community by working with stakeholders to understand and meet the requirements involved.

Written by
The DPI Public Library Development Team