Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Edition of the Wisconsin Youth Services Showcase

The Wisconsin Youth Services Showcase has a new online submission form. The form has proven easy to use and recent submissions populate the September showcase. To submit multiple items, refresh your browser and click on the submission link again.
A sampling of Showcase items

Check out this month's edition of the Showcase to find examples of:

  • An interactive "Hungry Caterpillar" experience
  • An after-hours Nerf Tag
  • A performance of "The Three Little Pigs", and
  • A growing beanstalk.

View this month's Showcase here:

Anyone is welcome to submit content and ideas for the Showcase; e.g., librarians, library directors, proud parents, supportive colleagues, etc. Only contributions featuring Wisconsin youth services and Wisconsin public libraries will be featured on the Showcase. Collaborative projects can be submitted; however, the Showcase will focus on the public library connection; e.g., a photo of a library book talk at a 4-H meeting will emphasize public library outreach. 

Written by:

Tessa Michaelson Schmidt, Public Library Development Team