Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Future Ready Librarians

Future Ready Librarians 

Graphic of Future Ready Gears for Teacher Librarians
Future Ready Librarians
Future Ready Librarians are the connections between the gears in the Future Ready Schools Framework. Rigorous, personalized learning environments, caring adults, student agency and digital tools are some of the keywords used in the descriptions of the framework and they speak directly to the work of school librarians.

The foundation for the framework is based on years of research in education and an in-depth analysis of best practices. This framework provides a mechanism for districts to assess what already works in their districts, where the gaps are, and how they can move forward to improve learning opportunities for their students. The school framework provides the tools for districts to assess where they are and what direction they need to move to address any gaps. The gears include:
  • Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Personalized Professional Learning
  • Robust Infrastructure
  • Budget and Resources
  • Data and Privacy
  • Use of Space and Time
  • Collaborative Leadership
As library professionals connect their practices, programs and spaces to this work they will see many opportunities to provide leadership in the digital transformation of learning. They are already curators of resources and information and their flexible use of space and time in their programs serves as a catalyst for collaboration and creation. The Future Ready Librarian Fact Sheet provides an excellent overview of the gears. This Fact Sheet also includes a video of Mark Ray, Chief Digital Officer of the Vancouver Public Schools in Washington explaining how future ready librarians make a difference for students. 

Watch for more information about how Future Ready Librarians are leading the way forward in Wisconsin.

Written by:
Nancy Anderson, Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning