Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Winning Strategies for Mature Job Seekers

Mature bike repairman
Mature bike repairman - courtesy Huffington Post
The U.S. employment picture has been improving in the past year, and mature Americans have been finding jobs and launching new careers.  Successful mature job seekers embrace the opportunity to enhance their technical skills and demonstrate their skills using social media.  Some make a point of addressing the perception that as older recruits they may not fit well into an organization with younger leadership and a younger workforce.  Verifying the current salary ranges for positions of interest and developing a strategy for positioning yourself as a vital asset, worth the salary you deserve is also important.

May Ellen Williams, highlighted some key strategies in "How Older Job-Seekers Can Overcome Their 3 Biggest Roadblocks on Huffington Post. She highly recommends updating your technology skills and making sure to demonstrate your skills in the interview, and stressing your cross-functional skills.

Mature job-seekers can find online technology training resources like the GCFLearnFree on
Job-Seeker, hosted on the DPI website. GCFLearnFree offers cost-free training on Microsoft Office, Social Media and more. You can make it easy for your patrons by adding  Job-Seeker to your own library website. The On Your Website page includes the code you can use to add the site.

Learn more about using social media effectively using the newspapers and serials in BadgerLink. Staff working with job seekers may want to do an occasional search in "Career Planning and Adult Development Journal", found in Education Research Complete. It includes great, recent news like,  How to Combat Ageism in a Linkedin Profile and Online Presence for Mature Job Seekers: Getting Started.
Good interview preparation, and self-reflection will help mature job seekers position themselves as great assets to a workplace team.  Monster.com shares insights on What Older Workers and Younger Workers Can Learn from Each Other,

Before the interview process gets serious, mature workers should also be ready to address the perception that more experienced, seasoned workers are too expensive.  Know what the current salary ranges are for positions by checking websites like  Salary.com or Glassdoor.

Written by Martha Farley Berninger, Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning