Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Library and System Annual Reports Throughout the Year

Public library boards and library system boards file their annual report every spring, but work related to annual reports continues throughout the year. This includes contacting libraries and systems before, during, and after board-approved, signed reports are filed with DPI.

Here is PLD's general calendar of annual report work.

October • November

  • PLD begins revising LibPAS for the public library and library system annual reports.
  • PLD prepares drafts of support material, including what's new, instructions, data entry worksheets, and how to use LibPAS. (Drafts for 2016 were posted November 16).


  • Early in the month, PLD sends initial email to libraries via LibPAS and verifies email addresses with systems.
  • Mid-month, PLD sends pre-fill Excel files to systems.
  • Late in the month, PLD posts final support material for the annual report at dpi.wi.gov/pld/data-reports/annual-report.
  • Libraries and systems can be compiling annual report information on the annual report data entry worksheet.



  • Public libraries finish entering annual report data and "Submit" in LibPAS. (Systems may require system review between data entry and "Submit."
  • Library boards approve/sign annual reports and forward copies to their systems and municipalities.
  • Library systems review, recommend revisions, "Approve" in LibPAS, and send one copy of each library's report to the DPI no later than March 1 (60 days after the end of the fiscal year).

March • April • May

June • July

  • PLD finishes compiling data for preliminary 2016 Wisconsin Public Library Service Data.
  • PLD begins the process of submitting data to the Institute of Museums and Library Service (IMLS) Public Library Survey (PLS).
  • IMLS begins reviewing Wisconsin PLS data.
  • PLD posts library brochure Word merge file.

August • September

  • Typically mid to late August, IMLS requests clarification of Wisconsin PLS data as needed.
  • PLD follows up with libraries, makes revisions as needed, and responds to IMLS.
  • IMLS requests further information as needed.
  • When IMLS locks (accepts) PLS data, PLD posts final Wisconsin Public Library Service Data and Wisconsin Public Library Service Trends for the report year.

Written by Jamie McCanless, Public Library Development Team