Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Customize WISCAT Patron Email Notices and more


WISCAT can help notify your library patrons when their interlibrary loan items arrive.

Up to five interlibrary loan (ILL) statuses may be selected to initiate automatic email notices to patrons. Staff may customize the message for each status selected such as Received in the Patron Notification Set-Up section of the library's WISCAT Participant Record. 

Then,when an ILL request is updated to Received status by staff, a notice is automatically sent to the patron’s email address. 
  • Your message may be entered above or below the following pre-set fields (limit 1400 characters): 
    • Name: #Patron's First Name# #Patron's Last Name#
    • Pickup at: #Pickup Location#
    • Title: #Title#
    • Author: #Author/Creator#
    • Edition: #Edition#
    • Description: #Physical Description#
    • Series: #Series#
    • Request Date: #Request Date#
  • If desired, the Due Date field may be added to display in the email notices.  
    • Enter the label you want the patron to see and then the field code such as Date Due: #Due Date# 
Customized email message sent to patron stating: The following item is available for pick up at the Circulation Desk
Customized Message in Patron Email Notice

See the Patron Email Notification Set-Up Guide for more information.

New Feature Coming -- Customize ILL Request Tracking Messages 
Starting January 11th, staff will be able to customize the messages patrons see in their ILL Request Tracking accounts. This new feature will also enable staff to configure the text that displays to guest users when setting up an ILL Request Tracking account.

If a library chooses not to configure their own messages, the standard messages will continue to display by default.
Items from Other Libraries - Standard message for request in Awaiting Approval status displays as: This request is awaiting approval by staff
My Account -- Patron ILL Tracking
Patron Tracking option available in ILL Admin menu on Staff Dashboard
ILL Admin Menu

ILL Admin Patron Tracking screen shows text boxes for customizing
Patron Tracking Admin Screen

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Written by:
Vickie Long, Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning Team