Thursday, January 5, 2017

GoodProspects®: Individualized career help from Goodwill

Job seekers everywhere can connect to virtual career mentors using GoodProspects ®.

Goodwill Industries GoodProspects® website supports job seekers
Goodwill Industries GoodProspects® Website

GoodProspects® offers something most job support websites and portals can't - the opportunity to connect with a virtual career mentor. Mentor-experts are recruited from Goodwill's business sponsors and partners.

How does it work?
Volunteer mentors work with job seekers who submit a free registration and mentor request on the website. They can help patrons develop career plans, learn about industries, research and apply for jobs and prepare for interviews. Each mentor's profile shows which industries they know the most about. Here's how it can work:

GoodProspects® virtual mentor process workflow diagram
GoodProspects® virtual mentor process - courtesy Goodwill  

How do you get started?
First, complete the registration form, then click the "make connections" button and begin browsing the community of fellow job seekers.  Users can add community members to a list of trusted contacts or join a forum (group discussion).

Registered users connect to virtual helpers by submitting the "request a mentor" form.  Users can request a mentor with experience in a particular industry and they can specify the particular kind of help they want. To help match mentors and job seekers, the form allows users to share more information about themselves. For example, you may request a mentor who has experience working with veterans, members of the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, single parents, or job seekers with criminal backgrounds.  Once you've submitted the request form, you'll receive a list of mentors recommended as especially beneficial given your job search parameters.

The opportunity to select a mentor who can provide one-on-one help and answer questions about the job search process makes GoodProspects® a uniquely beneficial service.  It can be especially useful for folks who may not be able to easily connect with in-person career and job search resources.

GoodProspects® also offers all of the robust job seeker support resources users expect from any well-rounded career portal: tools to build skills, industry and career background resources - including videos, job postings from, and access to an online community of fellow job seekers.

Written by Martha Berninger, Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning