Thursday, February 16, 2017

Resource Sharing Statistics in WISCAT

Statistics menu lists ILL Statistics and Database Statistics optionsStatistics demonstrate the value of interlibrary loan (ILL) to funding sources and management, help to improve ILL services, and measure effectiveness of those improvements.

The Statistics menu on the Staff Dashboard provides various ways for libraries to monitor their interlibrary loan activity and other WISCAT usage.  Some of these reports are described in this post.

ILL Statistics:

Activity and Request Reports - generate detailed reports on your library's borrowing and lending activities
  • Reports are based on origination date of requests.
  • Status of these requests continue to change from day to day until all activity on the request has ceased; therefore, numbers in an earlier report will be inconsistent with a later report covering the same specified time period.

     Activity reports (your library as borrower and as lender, and net activity per library trading partner) -- provide total numbers of ILL requests per status; Filled column is number or completed requests (all activity has ceased). 

     Request Records (your library as borrower) and Lender Response Records (your library as lender) reports -- provide detailed information for each ILL request  

Activities and Request Reports screen shown with Select Format menu open to choose  HTMP, PDF, or EXCEL
Activities and Request Reports screen

To produce reports:
     1. select the start and end dates
     2. choose a format
            Activity report options are HTML, PDF, or EXCEL
            Request Records and Lender Response reports in EXCEL only 
     3. select the report type, then Submit  

CONTU Copyright Tracking Reports - shows the number of article copies your library requested from specified journal titles and whether each request was filled or not.

To produce report:
     1. enter year such as 2016
     2. select one of the Summary reports or the Detailed report then Submit 
Borrower Statistics* - shows the number of all active and completed ILL requests created and processed by your library as a borrower for a specified week or month. 
Lender Statistics* - shows the number of all active and completed ILL requests received and processed by your library as a lender for a specified week or month.
     * These Borrower Statistics and Lender Statistics reports:
  • count actions taken on active requests in the specified time period 
  • after the specified time period has passed, these numbers do not change (in contrast to the Activity and Request Reports)
Lender Days to Supply - provides historic data on the time taken to fill ILL requests by your library as a lender during a given report period (for the borrowing library to receive the requested material). Each report period is one month long. 

Database Statistics:

Database Field Stats - shows general information on the number of bibliographic and locations (holdings) records in the WISCAT Union Catalog, and if your library holdings are in the Union Catalog, provides detailed MARC Field statistics for your library.

Statistics Report - generate reports on the number of logins to your library's WISCAT, number of searches by guest/patron/staff, and if your library has holdings in the Union Catalog, number of locations added to records by staff (not by batch update).

More information?
Use the Help from within each statistics report page in WISCAT.
Documentation menu gives access to Training Videos, User Guides, Bulletins, and moreAccess the User Guide: Statistics Version 5.0e from the Documentation menu on the Staff Dashboard by selecting User Guides and then the Statistics guide relevant to the SHAREit product -- This guide does not currently cover some recent changes to the Statistics module; therefore,
    • for a detailed description of the Activity and Request Reports option, select Bulletins in the Documentation menu, then open the Preliminary Software Update Bulletin for January 2017 Release of Version 5.0.18 for SEARCHit/SHAREit , see pages 47-63 in the Addendum to that bulletin. 
Written by:
Vickie Long, Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning