Thursday, February 23, 2017

Show how libraries share

Guest Post by Maureen Welch, Indianhead Library System

As public libraries finish submitting their annual reports, it's time to use the numbers you have gathered along with any pictures you take to tell the story of how your library is serving its community. (See blog post on WISCAT statistics )  A large part of the story is showing how libraries and library systems work together to share resources. You have interlibrary loan stories to tell!

What have you received from other libraries this year? Books, DVDs, CDs, microfilm, photocopies, and more books. Paint the picture with a few details:
ILL Delivery Containers
IFLS Delivery
  • Picture books for story time. 
  • Research books for a National History Day project.
  • Large print mysteries, westerns, and romance.
  • Maker kits for programming.
  • Doctor Who 
  • Microfilm to research the town's history.
  • Diabetic cookbooks and exercise DVDs.
  • Extra copies of a title for a book club.
  • A copy of an obituary for a genealogist.
What have you loaned this year? Books, DVDs, CDs, and more books. Take a picture:
  • Book club kits.
  • A local author's new book.
  • Prince & Wham CDs.
  • Biographies and political histories.
  • Gluten free holiday cook book.
  • Mysteries, westerns, and romance on CD.
  • Fake book of wedding music.
  • Civil war history for a re-enactment
It's time to show off how your library serves its community by providing access through sharing. Plus, remember to include a picture of the incoming/outgoing courier bins to show Wisconsin has a statewide delivery network that helps all our libraries share in a more cost effective way.

Celebrate completing your annual report. Share your stories. Keep painting that picture for next year's report.

Written by:  Maureen Welch, Indianhead Library System