Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Wisconsin Digital Archives Collection Connection : Workforce Statistics Show Increased Need for Health Care Workers

Vacancy rates for key health care professionals employed in Wisconsin hospitals are increasing, leaving some hospitals with a higher than usual number of positions unfilled. The Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA) recently released a report that identified retirements and an aging population as the primary reasons for growing shortages in the health care workforce in Wisconsin.

Heart monitor lines across a red cross.
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WHA developed an infographic of statistics showing vacancy rates in Wisconsin have nearly doubled since 2012 for registered nurses and certified nursing assistants, and tripled for dietitians and surgical technicians. Most striking is that 40% of registered nurses working in hospitals are planning to leave the workforce in the next 10 years.

These statistics make it a great time to plan a career in health care or to even consider a career change. The Department of Workforce Development (DWD) has been tracking the need for more health care workers in Wisconsin for years, publishing reports about the supply and demand for various health care professions. These reports and other labor statistics are available in the Wisconsin Digital Archives.

DWD also published a report that identifies a variety of careers both inside and outside of health care that will have the highest growth and demand in Wisconsin until the year 2022.

For more information about Wisconsin's workforce, career options and labor statistics, visit DWD's WORKnet website.

Post written by:
Abby Swanton, Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning