Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Create Links in WISCAT for Your Library Users

WISCAT Support Form Link for Staff
Recently, the Link Page function was used to make the WISCAT support form readily accessible to all staff logged into their libraries' WISCAT.  Be assured, only WISCAT staff can create and add a Global Link Page to every library's WISCAT.
WISCAT Support link displays in toolbar above Staff Dashboard and image shows partial view of support form
Staff access link to WISCAT Support form
Why a WISCAT support form?
The form should ensure your messages go to the right place and are responded to as quickly as possible. WISCAT staff monitor the inbox Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30.

Library staff are welcome to:
  • Ask questions about WISCAT features and functionality
  • Report issues encountered using WISCAT
  • Upload an image (gif jpg jpeg png) to assist in troubleshooting

Local Link Pages
WISCAT staff aren’t the only ones who can add helpful links for their library users in WISCAT, local library staff are able to create customized links, called Local Link Pages, to display in one or more of the user environments in the library's WISCAT: Guest, Patron, Staff   

These links will be accessible above the Home page, Staff Dashboard, Advanced Search, Search Results (Gallery, List, Grid views), and in a full record display (View Details).

A few possibilities for links: 
  •  Guest and/or Patron users
Link to BadgerLink home page displays in toolbar of library's WISCAT
Library created a link to BadgerLink for Guest users of its WISCAT 
  • Patron users (logged into WISCAT)
    • Local guide to creating interlibrary loan requests 
    • Login screen for your library licensed resources 
Book Kits link in toolbar displays only to library's staff and opens to current list of kits libraries are willing to lend through interlibrary loan
Library created a link to Book Kits list for its staff logged into WISCAT 

Ready to get started?

See the step by step guide for staff to Create Local Link Pages

Personal Note:
Another reason I want to encourage staff to use the WISCAT support form is my upcoming retirement from state service.  For over 26 years it has been my privilege to assist library staff in using WISCAT.  Thank you and best wishes for the great work you do serving your library communities and beyond through resource sharing.

Written by:
Vickie Long, Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning Team