Thursday, March 23, 2017

Informational Papers by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau

Guest Post written by: Keely Wrolstad

At the beginning of each legislative biennium the Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) produces another run of their Informational Papers. These papers provide legislators with fiscal information about Wisconsin revenue and expenditures to help with state budget decisions, covering topics such as taxation, education, environmental programs, transportation, and justice.
Wisconsin State Capitol
Courtesy of Pixabay

While the Informational Papers are created with legislators in mind, they provide historical and legal context as well as fiscal information, and are a great place to start when learning about a particular program or tax. They began in 1983, and some titles such as “The State Budget Process” have been produced each biennium. Others have ended or been replaced as needed, for example “Health Insurance Risk Sharing Plan (HIRSP)” ended in 2013 and “The Federal Affordable Care Act” began in 2015.

The Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau is working on a project to get a complete run of the LFB Informational Papers in their digital collection.

Guest Post written by: Keely Wrolstad, State Documents Librarian, Legislative Reference Bureau